Always wanted to run your own hospital?

Lack of basic hygiene holding you back?

NOT ANY MORE! With AMATEUR SURGEON HOSPITAL you're free to operate on WHO you want, WHEN you want!

Build, customise and manage your own illegal hospital – just like you always dreamed of!

Fill your shack with the most advanced equipment to ever fall off the back of a truck, and the finest pharmaceuticals ever stuffed under a jacket.

Hire a wide range of reprobate- TALENTED STAFF, manage their personal ‘development’ and have them perform complex surgeries using the latest in bizarre, dangerous medical equipment! ...or just assign them to cleaning up sick!

But there's no need to let your staff have all the fun and drama of surgery to themselves! Anytime you see a patient, you get to jump right in and operate on them yourself.

Featuring the classic Amateur Surgeon gameplay enjoyed by millions of people across the world.

Diagnose! Treat! OPERATE! Then brag about it on Facebook!

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