Making Surgery Fun Again

When pizza boy Alan Probe smashes into the mysterious tramp Dr. Bleed with his van, he’s forced to turn surgeon and operate with nothing more than a pizza-cutter and a steady hand.

Together, Probe and Bleed team up to operate on anyone criminal or crazy enough to be stapled, burned, corkscrewed or chainsawed back to health across 30 unique surgeries spread over three separate “acts”, released episodically.

Amateur Surgeon features 10 different tools used to operate on patients, including the pizza-cutter (for making incisions), stapler (for closing up wounds), battery (for restarting stubborn

patients who insist on dying during surgery) and everyone’s favourite – the chainsaw (for general slicing’n’dicing and the cool “rrrm-rrrm!” noise).

The story of Alan Probe is deeply woven into the game with over 80 cut-scenes introducing patients and revealing more of the plot. Will Probe and Bleed make a success of their criminal surgery? You'll have to play to find out....

Building on the success of the Amateur Surgeon, we created Amateur Surgeon: Christmas Edition featuring 5 all-new surgeries with new tools.