As rookie surgeon Ophelia Payne you must cut your way to the heart of a dark mystery while saving lives using your trusty pizza cutter, stapler, car battery - and host of other inappropriate tools! Surgeon 3 also features the following exciting bullet-points!

More than 20 over-the-top surgeries in 6 exotic locations including:

★  Inept Criminals!

★  Radioactive Bats!

★  A Possibly-Cannibal

★  Transgender Robot!

★  Mutated Cultists!

★  Full, awesome story with inappropriate humour and cheap gags!

★  colourful tag-team surgery partners with bizarre special abilities!

★ Fully customisable tool upgrades

★ Multiple save slots to share with family/friends! A genetically-enhanced Pug called Mister Giblets!

“Amateur Surgeon 3 is a very worthy addition to the series, and will delight fans of the earlier games”
— Modojo