Gameplay Programmer

  • Full-time
  • London - Client Side Engineering

Mediatonic is one of the UK's largest independent game developers with around 200 people across 6 locations worldwide. With incredibly diverse games, from top-grossing mobile titles, to hardcore PC simulators, from major IPs to completely original titles.

Above all, we take pride in crafting games that challenge and inspire us and we invest in technology that will keep us at the forefront of the industry. We hire experts to take on the biggest creative and technical challenges we can get our hands on and we invest in our people for the long term.

In the coming years, we have plans to grow across all our studios/locations, in order to achieve this we are looking to hire several Programmers to join our new team on a brand new project.

  • Responsibilities

    • Interpreting design requirements as well as the studio's creative aspirations
    • Agree and implement strategy for project R&D, infrastructure, systems and features
    • Analysing technical capabilities and resourcing requirements
    • Collaborate on the roadmap and sprint planning, providing estimates and technical plans
    • Coordinate planning to ensure technology plans are robust and communicated to stakeholders, reporting progress both internally and externally
    • Mentoring team members, giving feedback, setting expectations and delegating
    • Collaborating with the Principal Engineering Team shaping best standards across the studio
    • Act as ambassador for the studio both internally and externally
  • Requirements

    • Excellent programming skills in C# and / or C++, with an understanding and passion for readable, robust code and best practices
    • Previous commercial experience in a game studio and / or commercial experience working in a large development team
    • Familiarity with game engines like Unity (preferably) or Unreal
    • Strong understanding of game development tooling and processes, art workflow, performance optimization and memory management
    • Experience using source control systems such as Git & Perforce
    • Strong maths skills
    • A strong passion for making games

    Desirable experience:

    • Experience leading a project or mentoring a team
    • Programming for consoles including an understanding of TCRs/TRCs and the certification process
    • Experience with modern graphics programming, including Cg/HLSL and/or compute shaders, is a strong plus.
    • Experience with mobile SDKs (Android & iOS) and frameworks (e.g. 2DToolkit).
    • Understanding of client / server communication and data serialisation.
    • Understanding of 2D and 3D animation principles.
    • Experience with build scripts and systems i.e. Jenkins, Team City, Ant, Make etc...
    • Skills in scripting languages (JavaScript, Python).
    • Experience using and scripting common art and 3D software packages (Photoshop, Illustrator, Blender...) is a plus.
  • What we're looking for

    Are you interested in creating moments that matter, for millions of players, in games that run for years?

    Does the idea of working together with a friendly team of Tonics towards the common goal of making great games appeal to you?

    Did we mention our out of control but totally cool sticker obsession?

    How to apply & really impress us

    As a people first studio, our biggest priority is to hire the right person. A cover letter that tells us a bit about you and what you’re passionate about really helps to get our attention and distinguish your application from the crowd.

    Successful applications will usually have a phone chat before being invited to an interview at Mediatonic. If you are applying for a creative role, remember a portfolio is essential. For all applications we suggest you read the job description carefully and let us know why you believe you’re the right person to take on this job.


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