Marketing Content Associate

  • Full-time
  • London - Marketing

We are looking for a Marketing Content Associate to join Mediatonic.

Mediatonic is the game developer behind Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout and a new member of the Epic Games family. We’re aiming to build "the Greatest Gameshow on Earth" as part of our mission to connect people through massively-multiplayer game experiences.

We take pride in crafting original titles that bring people together. Our quest is to create joyful experiences that are open to all by investing in the ideas, technologies and people that can bring our vision to life.

We’re looking for fantastic people to join our world-class team to help grow Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout into an entertainment platform and to nurture the other equally ambitious titles we’re dreaming up.
  • Responsibilities

    As Marketing Content Associate, you will be a highly organised individual familiar with and prepared to structure drives/repos of multipurpose Fall Guys assets for various artists to use them for bespoke asset creation.

    Each Season of Fall Guys brings a load of themed assets in the form of key art refreshes, unique costumes, 3D in game levels, IP crossover costumes, trailers, videos and general purpose promotional assets. All of these are built from a base of in game assets, previous season assets and built to purpose/new treatments over existing templates. The key to this role is building up an encyclopedic knowledge of the available assets, being able to suggest suitable source materials and share them with the relevant stakeholders with relative speed and ease.

    • Knowing the in game application of various assets, out of game familiarity with marketing needs, creative passion, ideas for content of this vein and a light familiarity with photoshop to investigate/export PSDs is the core of this role.
    • The role is not only dependant on building up knowledge of the game, team, art style guidelines, timelines, restrictions and resources but an ability to think creatively of what base assets can be provided to help when nothing obvious is immediately available for a task.
    • You will work broadly with a wide range of members of the development and creative services team so though the role offers a great range in activity, flexibility is a must.
    • Not directly an artist role, but having an artists eye and being able to engage with artists, or pre-empt their needs is a big part of this asset focused role.
  • Requirements

    • Agile and creative mindset, high rate of adaptability.
    • Willing to be as involved in idea generation as well as fielding asset requests and investigation.
    • Creatively flexible with a familiarity in live service games and the marketing around them.
    • Organised and with a strong understanding of how others use and interact with assets.
    • Proficient in Google Drive and file sharing software.
    • Light familiarity with Photoshop file structure, export protocol, etc.
    • Self-motivated, hardworking, and dependable.
    • Good at managing their own deadlines and compromising where needed to meet them.
    • Up to date with industry trends and techniques.
    • An avid gamer who actively participates in online communities and knows how they engage with live events and marketing.
    • Can bring new ideas to the table, sometimes working autonomously to create new ideas for marketing content using mostly existing materials, often without a brief.
  • What we're looking for

    Are you interested in joining a business who strive to create moments that matter, for millions of players, in games that run for years? Does the idea of working together with a friendly team of Tonics towards the common goal appeal to you?

    As a creative business, we recognise that creativity is best inspired by different experiences and perspectives and we strive to create a culture of belonging, where all our colleagues feel welcome and diversity is celebrated. As we push towards ever more ambitious and high quality titles, we are looking for the finest talent in the industry to come and join us on our quest.

    We not only offer you the chance to work with fantastic teams, on awesome and inspiring projects, we also offer competitive salaries, flexible working hours including up to 3 x remote days weekly and private healthcare.

    How to apply & really impress us

    As a people first company, our biggest priority is to hire the right person. A cover letter that tells us a bit about you and what you’re passionate about really helps to get our attention and distinguish your application from the crowd. Successful applicants will usually have a phone chat before being invited to a full interview and in some cases a panel interview with colleagues across Mediatonic & Epic. We look forward to hearing from you!

    We receive heaploads of applications, and while we do our best to respond, we can't always guarantee this.

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