Senior Game Systems Designer

  • Full-time
  • London - Design

Mediatonic is one of the UK's largest independent game developers with around 200 people across 6 locations worldwide. With incredibly diverse games, from top-grossing mobile titles, to hardcore PC simulators, from major IPs to completely original titles.

Above all, we take pride in crafting games that challenge and inspire us and we invest in technology that will keep us at the forefront of the industry. We hire experts to take on the biggest creative and technical challenges we can get our hands on and we invest in our people for the long term.

In the coming years, we have plans to grow across all our studios/locations, in order to achieve this we are looking to hire a Senior Game Systems Designer to our London Studio.

As a Senior Designer in this role, you take ownership over the design and implementation of complex game systems, working with the Lead Designer on a project to align these systems with the creative vision of the game.

  • You'll work with minimal supervision to craft rigorous system designs supported by spreadsheet models, flowcharts and design documentation. You also use your knowledge of these systems to manage the development teams responsible for their implementation.
  • You'll have a deep understanding of how the game’s systems relate to both the core game and each other, as well as how they create a positive user experience for the player.
  • You'll fine-tune this experience by iterating on the system and carefully balancing its underlying values.
  • You are in regular contact with internal and external stakeholders on system design matters, stepping in for the Lead when absent.
  • You are able to not just sell your ideas, but articulately defend and justify your decisions during development.
  • You forge strong relationships with other senior and discipline Leads and, are able to drive critical decisions relating to your game systems in the Lead Designer’s absence.

  • Responsibilities

    A Senior Systems Designer is a highly professional and proven member of the team - able to take ownership of systems critical to a project’s success and deliver on the Lead's vision. You will be expected to:

    • Be comfortable concepting, designing and iterating on complex game systems in line with the game’s vision
    • Offer clear direction and solutions during these processes, justifying your decisions to the
    • Lead and wider internal and external teams
    • Take charge of driving the design and implementation quality of these systems to a high standard
    • Produce flowcharts and other supporting design documentation to prove out your designs and communicate your vision to stakeholders and the wider team
    • Use spreadsheets to model these systems and account for how different players will interact with them
    • Fine-tune these systems through rigorous play-testing and careful tuning of the underlying values/logic, with a view to providing the player with a positive user experience
    • Be a key figure in discussions around new feature designs and concepts, using your experience to steer early ideas in the best direction
    • Attend regular publisher meetings alongside the Lead, and handle these interactions professionally in the absence of the lead
    • Support the culture of the studio by taking part in extra-curricular activities and talks
    • Support the junior designers on your team to ensure they are able to develop essential skills, teaching both by face-to-face mentoring and ensuring your work is exemplary
  • Requirements

    We are seeking an experienced game designer who can jump in and immediately get their hands dirty. Ideally, you should have:

    • 4+ years game design experience within a studio environment
    • Proficient in Word and Powerpoint
    • Deep knowledge of Excel/Google Sheets
    • Excellent understanding of progression/reward systems, game loops and economies
    • Exceptional attention to detail and ability to tune game systems
    • Strong ability to produce clear and workable documentation
    • Able to communicate your ideas clearly, concisely and efficiently
    • Adaptable and able to quickly pick-up new skills and ways of working
    • Ability to work independently to craft systems in line with overall project goals
    • Comfortable working closely across all disciplines to guide system implementation


    • Experience with scripting systems
    • Experience working with procedural generation
    • Experience working with free-to-play titles in
  • What we're looking for

    Are you interested in creating moments that matter, for millions of players, in games that run for years?

    Does the idea of working together with a friendly team of Tonics towards the common goal of making great games appeal to you?

    Did we mention our out of control but totally cool sticker obsession?

    How to apply & really impress us

    As a people first studio, our biggest priority is to hire the right person. A cover letter that tells us a bit about you and what you’re passionate about really helps to get our attention and distinguish your application from the crowd. Successful applications will usually have a phone chat before being invited to an interview at Mediatonic. If you are applying for a creative role, remember a portfolio is essential. For all applications we suggest you read the job description carefully and let us know why you believe you’re the right person to take on this job.

    We receive heaploads of applications, and while we do our best to respond, we can't always guarantee this.

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