We love games and want to be surrounded by talented [super nice] people who share our passion.

We run several projects at a time, so you won't have to work on a single IP franchise or business model for years.

Enjoy the power and impact of working in small teams whilst being a key part of an established business.


We work on every digital platform from Smartphones to Console so you'll stay at the bleeding edge.

We hang out a lot, even when we don’t have to. Expect pub outings, company lunches, game jams, board game nights...

Automated cloud scaling, continuous integration and cross-platform games; we’ve got some great tech, come see what you can do with it.

We know Good work/life balance leads to better games; we try to schedule realistically and transparently to minimise overtime.

We're slap-bang in the middle of the UK’s most creative cities; so you’ll never need to eat a boring sandwich for lunch again.