Best Places to Work Awards 2019

September 20, 2019

This was our first year entering the Best Places to Work Awards so when we saw 'Mediatonic' pop up on screen as the winner of the Heath and Wellbeing category, Dave and I were absolutely floored (as you may be able to tell from our faces in the photo below)! Especially considering the other great studios up for the award.

This particular category means a lot to us here at Mediatonic. It's important to us to make sure that people feel comfortable talking about mental health and wellbeing. While it's always been a topic close to our hearts, last year we decided we wanted to take more actionable steps to incorporate better practices into the way we work here at Mediatonic. As a first step to show our commitment to this cause, we decided to participate in Mind's Workplace and Wellbeing Index, which would allow us to find out where we stood already as well as learn where we could make improvements.

So it's wonderful to see that some of the steps we've been taking have furthered our cause. We're excited to keep learning and improving things here for our devs!

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