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Where to Find Us

Mediatonic is growing across all studios, in multiple locations (claims of world domination are completely unsubstantiated), including our sister studios like Fortitude in Guildford!

Whether along the River Thames, near the Brighton Pier, or in the heart of Madrid, each of our locations have their own unique feel. Learn more about all of our locations below.

    • The Mediatonic HQ, codenamed Tonic Towers, is the biggest studio in our family.
    • Between life drawing, D&D sessions, film nights and football, the studio is as busy as the city.
    • Soho restaurants, Southbank culture, Camden pubs; in such a huge, diverse city there’s something for everyone.
    • Our outpost in Europe, next door to the famous Retiro Park and surrounded by amazing bars and restaurants.
    • Obsessed with cachopos. If you haven’t had one, do it. Seriously. You’ll thank us.
    • The real question is, Cola Cao or Nesquik?
    • Our first expansion and current engineering hub, the office is just across from the beachfront and iconic Brighton pier.
    • Full of major foodies and coffee enthusiasts, there’s always something tasty in the kitchen and Brighton's also full of great vegan eats!
    • Your first lesson will be how to guard your food from seagulls smarter than the velociraptors in Jurassic Park.
    • Our handy Brighton relocation page can be found here!
    • Our newest location is part of the 1 Mill Street cultural hub in the heart of Leamington Spa, mere moments from the idyllic Jephson Gardens.
    • It features world-class presentation spaces, podcast studios and freshly baked cake!
    • The town was the site of 'Middle Oak'—reputedly the centre point of England. Feel free to bring a tape measure if you fancy trying to conclusively prove this.
    • Dubbed ‘Silicon Spa’, 1 in 20 Leamington residents work in games, making LAN parties a breeze to organise.

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Mediatonic is a team of talented and hardworking people who devote their careers to crafting awesome original games.

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