August 27, 2020

Right, let’s get this going, we’ve all got see-saws to get home to. Many, many things have been happening that we’re super excited to share with you, with a significant side of sneak peeks, as we continue to document the delightfully clumsy saga that is...Fall Guys.

Huge PlayStation and Steam news!

First up, we’re beyond delighted to announce some truly staggering numbers! This week we learnt that your little Fall Guys had only gone and become the most downloaded PlayStation Plus game literally...EVER! Plus, you wild bean aficionados have purchased a stumble-inducing 7 million copies of Fall Guys on Steam! We can’t begin to express just how grateful we are for all your support, love and frankly spicy Twitter replies.

All new Stumble Chums

In non number-based news, if you love jelly beans, head-scratching puns and information that you may or may not have already consumed on social media, then you will be hyped to hear that the latest episode of STUMBLE CHUMS has dropped! In their latest dive into the soft, gooey core of the Fall Guys community, Oliver and Alan tackle the new patch notes, on-brand costume swag and delight in a fully grown man destroying a gaming chair with his bare hands.

Special Effect: Battle of the Brands

Elsewhere in Fall Guys community news, we’ve been channelling brands’ seemingly insatiable thirst for costumes into something altogether more wholesome with our Battle of the Brands. As community managers everywhere nervously try to convince their superiors that bidding hundreds of thousands of dollars to dress up a fictional jelly bean is a cool thing to do, we’ve been absolutely loving the ingenuity on show. The entries so far range from lovingly inspired to downright terrifying, but with all funds going to support the incredible work of Special Effect, it’s all for a very, very good cause.

TimTheTatMan: A sporting love story

Oh, and TimTheTatman actually won a crown. We know, we were shocked too. Shout out to the millions of you lucky enough to have witnessed this truly historic moment. Cherish it, but know, it meant so much more to him.

But like the slime-covered bean of failure who took a tumble, we can’t just look backwards. Two frankly huge bits of Fall Guys shenanigans are on our radar this week…

Gamescom: Opening Night Live

Firstly, as the hulking outline of Fall Guys SEASON 2 lollops over the horizon, we strongly suggest you keep an eye on the Gamescom stream for a very exclusive look at a whole new era of delicious jelly bean mayhem. What will be on show? Not telling—but think new levels, innovative rounds and a whole new selection of costume-based fashion just for starters. Also Geoff Keighley. Don’t miss it tonight at 8pm CEST / 2pm ET / 11am PT on Opening Night Live.

Twitch Rivals: Fall Guys Fridays

Following swiftly after, the Fall Guys will be making their inaugural appearance on Twitch Rivals (yes, falling over is an ESPORT now)! 80 streamers will battle for a chunk of a rather weighty $50,000 prize pool on Friday August 28th—prepare for gleeful shouting, slime-based fury and absolutely lashings of salt. We can’t wait. We'll be hosting it on our Twitch channel too, if you like your chat Mediatonic-flavoured.

Phew! If you’ve still not stumbled in just yet, you can let the Fall Guys into your hearts on both PlayStation and Steam. And for all the latest from the community, follow us on Twitter (caution: spicy) or join our official Discord server.

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