James Wright
September 15, 2020

Big news everybody, gather round. So many of you have scaled the summit of the Slime Climb, weathered the wonders of the Whirlygig and greedily grabbed the tail from your fellow beans. All wonderful stuff. But what if we were to tell you...there’s more? A whole mid-season update’s worth of exciting content and welcome improvements.

No more shall players cower for want of content, waiting for the lolloping silhouette of Season 2 to wade through the slime of time. Our mid-season update is live!

Round variations - some of these beans are not like the other

We’ve been so inspired by our community’s tenacity in tackling our round creations that our level designers have pooled their imaginations and created some truly inspired variations and mischievous mash-ups! Familiar classics will not be all they seem, with randomly appearing technicoloured twists, designed to keep our most eager beans on their toes.

“Each of our round variants either increase the difficulty of certain sections, spicing things up for players who feel they’ve mastered them,” explains Level Designer Joseph Juson with a disconcerting glint in his eye, “or adds surprises which change how the round plays in a fundamental way”. How intriguing!

How and when these variations will hit is frankly a mystery, but you best be braced for obstacles turning up to the Blunderdome unannounced (rude!), dizzyingly random rotations and of course, oodles of tumbling fruit ready to send you for an unexpected dip in the slime. How about a little preview? Oh, go on then:

“My favourite variation is a turntable that can randomly be added to the centre of Fall Ball”, Joseph continues, somehow maintaining that glinting eye. “It eliminates the tactic of purely waiting in the centre for balls to spawn, and adds new possibilities for players to fling themselves into the ball and score some ridiculous goals!”

Add in some positively wavey ‘Gate Crash’ variations, stupendous new layers of ‘See-Saw’ silliness and a hostile ‘Hit Parade’ alternative that’s simply too fiendish to discuss and well...just keep your eyes open. When they turn up, you’ll know about it.

All new anti-cheat - bad beans, what ya gonna do?

Being blunt for a moment, cheating really, really sucks. Bad beans have blighted the experience of some for too long and despite some hefty tightening of our existing cheat detection systems and significant wielding of the banhammer, the community have kept us informed on folks who continue to spoil things for the rest of us.

To address this, we’re delighted to announce that today’s mid-season patch implements Epic’s Easy Anti-Cheat, designed to combat players using nefarious tools to mess with our unsuspecting Fall Guys. We’re confident that this will make a real difference and offer the very best protection to all the beans out there just trying to get a crown.

Thank you for your patience while we’ve worked hard on this, it’s super appreciated.

A word on the so-called ‘Big Yeetus’…

Rumours abound of an oversized hammer, set to swing their weight around in the Blunderdome with absolute abandon. With intentions unclear, it is said that a hefty wack can catapult a bean to near-instant victory or embarrassing elimination. Understandably, the hearsay generated about the one they call ‘Big Yeetus’ has caused a fair amount of uncertainty and concern among the Fall Guys community.

Well, unlucky. Big Yeetus is real. All hail Big Yeetus!

Fall Guys: now even smoother

While the new anti-cheat and round variations may steal the headlines in the Blunderdome Times (not a real newspaper), you can expect changes to enhance server stability, nifty VFX improvements and a whole lot more to make Fall Guys just that little bit smoother. This mid-season update comes with a whole heap of hard work from our talented team mates and is rooted firmly in a love for the beans—so be sure to check out the Patch Notes for all the details!

To keep up to date with further announcements, or to let us know how you’re feeling about the latest changes, you can find us on Twitter (now 99% BeanBot-free) or hanging with the fine folks of the official Discord server.

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