FALL GUYS - New community pals, issue tracking and...GODZILLA

James Wright
October 30, 2020

As autumnal winds bring a mild chill to the Blunderdome, we’ve got plenty of joyful news to warm your beans. There’s an introduction to three new friends—two will be a super welcoming presence to our community; the other a scaly, anti-social destroyer of worlds. And of course, the most wholesome news of all...a seasonal, time-limited, platform-specific, percentage-based deduction to DLC and in-game currency. How cute! Come on in, the slime’s lovely.

Meet our new Community Managers!

We’re absolutely delighted to welcome two new faces to our Fall Guys Community Team. If you tuned in to our special edition of Stumble Chums Live on Twitch, you’ll have had the pleasure of meeting Abbie and Bee! They’re joining us to help bring the wonders of Fall Guys to new social platforms and spread joy and spice throughout our amazing worldwide community. Let’s meet them (spoilers: they’re great).

Hi! Call me...: Bee
Job title:
Community Manager
@trichoglossus on Twitter, and Twitch (I don't stream yet but will soon haha!)
Favourite Fall Guys round:
Favourite Fall Guys costume:
Hot dog top from the fast food DLC but with the burger wrapper as the bottom. Don't @ me.
Top three games of all time:
ALL TIME? TF2, Bioshock, Overwatch but if I think too long about it I'll change my mind, so these for now.

"I am so delighted to be working with such a fun game, with such an incredible fanbase! I can't wait to get to know this community more, and bring you top shelf memes."

Hi! Call me...: Abbie
Job title:
Junior Community Manager
@sootgremlin_ on both Twitter and Instagram
Favourite Fall Guys round:
Hard one but I think Knight Fever!
Favourite Fall Guys costume:
Probably the Dragon from the Dragon Hugger DLC
Top three games of all time:
That's so difficult! Okay 1st is definitely any of the Pokémon games and if I was to pick one I'd choose Alpha Sapphire. 2nd I'd have to say Portal 2, then 3rd...maybe Animal Crossing New Horizons.

“Super excited to be joining Mediatonic and working on a game that made the pandemic bearable! I'm really looking forward to bringing Fall Guys to more platforms, particularly Instagram, exploring loads of ideas and having fun with it!”

Severe kaiju warning!

We are frankly stunned to announce that we will be welcoming actual GODZILLA to Fall Guys! More details to follow, but we hear that TOHO’s iconic monster and serial building destroyer will be stomping into the Blunderdome next week. So get saving those crowns and prepare to bring some bean-sized monster mayhem to the game.

Three wolf moon sale now on!

You’re in for some truly spooky bargains. A full moon has bathed the Blunderdome in luna rays, awakening the three wolves’ insatiable, cursed hunger for...um, discounts. You can hear all about it on the Fall Guys website but move fast as these hefty savings on kudos and DLC won’t be around for long...

Fall Guys ‘Public Issue Tracker’ launched

We’ve put together a new way to give our amazing community extra visibility on what we’re up to, including the latest Fall Guys hot fixes and the pesky issues that we’re focusing on addressing. You can grab all the details on the Fall Guys website but if you fancy jumping in for a peek right away, dive into the Public Issue Tracker!

If something’s not quite right with your Fall Guys experience, we recommend checking out our Support page and the Public Issue Tracker first—chances are, we’re on it! Otherwise, our Discord server is the best place to let us know. There’s an active ‘Suggestions’ channel and our superb mod team will make sure they’re flagged for our team’s attention.

This ends our official Fall Guys communique! For all your Fall Guys news and meme needs, be sure to follow us on Twitter. And now you can now get super spicy Fall Guys content over on our shiny new Instagram page (featuring pumpkin-shaped shenanigans)!

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