James Wright
October 08, 2020

We are absolutely delighted to invite you to Fall Guys Season 2, starting...right now! Our brightest minds in the field of jelly bean research have been hard at work to bring you four fresh Rounds, oodles of on-trend costumes and a whole heap of community-focused changes for optimal stumbling fun (with even more to come!) So, get ready to stumble across the drawbridge into a feudal fortress full of medieval mayhem.

Meet the new Rounds!

Fall Guys Season 2 throws you into a hyper-colourful universe of witches and wizardry, brimming with adorable dragons, knockout knights and a dizzying array of medieval obstacles primed to test your bravery. These four new Rounds introduce fresh mechanics to the Blunderdome alongside some medieval twists to familiar favourites for our ultimate quest for the crown!

Knight Fever delivers our most treacherous race to date, pitching brave participants against a wild array of medieval obstacles. This hectic dash to the finish line is full of fiendish contraptions, including the fearsome THICC BONKUS and its insatiable appetite for destruction!

Wall Guys introduces our all-new movable block mechanic, tasking intrepid beans with scaling a formidable fortress. Short term alliances with fellow players are crucial, as you rack and stack your way to progress. Join the scrum, clamber over competitors or even forge your own path...if you dare.

Egg Siege celebrates the beloved Fall Guys trope of stealing and hoarding opponents’ eggs with a fresh tactical edge. Thrown into a mystical castle chock full of moving machinery, your bean dexterity will have to be at its sharpest to shake off pursuers in this arena of ramps, drawbridges and diabolical scythes!

Hoopsie Legends invites (nay, demands) you to lob your Fall Guy through precarious hoops to nab points with zero concern for their safety. Movable blocks bring this solo re-imagining of Hoopsie Daisy squealing into the Medieval era! Will you join the stacking and share the points or deviously disrupt your fellow beans’ hard work? How about both?!

Show Selector - tumble your way

What’s your favourite kinda Round? See-Saw? Us too. But whatever Round you’re in the mood for, our brand new Show Selector lets you pick from a lovingly curated playlist of Fall Guys ‘Shows’. Fancy kicking back with races-only after a long day? Jump into the Gauntlet Showdown! Survival Rounds tickling your fancy on a Tuesday morning? All good, we’ve got you. Plus, you’ll be seeing some extra spicy limited-time events throughout the Season, so keep an eye out!

New costumes! Fall Guys...but make it fashion

Immerse yourself in the Medieval splendour of the new-look Blunderdome with lots and lots of fabulous outfits for the most discerning of beans. Pugilistic Paladins, the feistiest of Dwarves and even a smattering of vivacious Vikings join the fray, with many, many more to come, including exclusive collaborations!

More more more!

We’ve had a keen ear for feedback from Season 1 and have implemented a slew of changes for smoother stumbles and more chances to show off your (undoubtedly wonderful) personality in Season 2! This includes…

  • Fall together now - No more falling alone! Our new ‘party falling’ means that when you queue with your squad, you fall with your squad. Look at you all go, woosh!
  • Nameplates and Banners - add to your personal swag with customisable signage to wow other beans, all viewable in Spectator mode.
  • Random Outfit Generator - Find yourself bewildered by the bean looks on offer? Not to worry, you can now randomise your costume and accessories in one click!
  • Visual upgrades - You all really went to town on the original levels, so we’ve given Season 1 Rounds a well-deserved lick of paint, including nifty new tile effects.
  • Additional controller options for PS4 - You can now tweak your sensitivity to get your tumbles perfectly on-point, as well as optional X/Y axis inversion.

Wow! We’re so excited for the community to get their hands on Fall Guys Season 2—and there's even more Rounds of wildness to look forward to! If you’re a long-term tumbler or diving in for the very first time, thank you for joining us in the Blunderdome and we hope you have the absolute best time.

And for those of you who like to get real thorough, you can dive into the full release notes from our dev team!

Let us know how you’re faring and keep up with all the latest announcements by following us on our (extra spicy) Twitter account! Plus, join the lovely folk in our official Discord server, where you can discuss all things beans, including sharing suggestions with Team Mediatonic.

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