Fall Guys - Season 3.5 is out now!

February 02, 2021

Gather round, denizens of the Blunderdome. It is our privilege to inform you that a hefty haul of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout content has arrived! Today’s major Season 3.5 update brings a whole host of lovingly crafted changes, including all-new Round ‘Snowball Survival’, a feast of Round variations, dapper costumes, sensational Shows and and and...well let’s just dig into it all now, shall we?

Hello, my name is: Snowball Survival

Let’s get acquainted with our latest Round! Snowball Survival throws eager beans into a literal bowl full of fun, where a fragile floor is the only thing separating you from an icy trip to the slime. The curving half-pipe sides provide plenty of opportunities for stylish dives (and Tony Hawk cosplay, of course), while guaranteeing the perfect terrain for rampaging snowballs to gather the momentum required to ruin your Round and generally make you look very, very silly.

Ice tiles begin to disintegrate on contact, revealing a perilous drop below! Will you grab your fellow beans into the path of the snowy spheres of sadness?! Can you dodge the rapid snowballs while also watching your step?! We absolutely cannot wait to find out.

Make preparations for Round variations!

Season 3.5 also comes bearing gifts of plentiful Round remixes! Familiar Rounds will now randomly feature a host of gameplay-changing variations, with iconic obstacles popping up in unfamiliar places, fans causing unexpected bean flights and other such shenanigans.

We’ll let you stumble onto these at your leisure and not spoil the fun for now. But dive in and experience the chaos for yourself, there are loads (seriously, like more than 40!)

Behold the splendour of the Sugar Plum pack

Our latest update also reveals a fresh DLC pack! The ‘Sugar Plum’ DLC comes pirouetting onto Steam and PlayStation with three rather elegant (yes, elegant beans are a thing) costumes as a tasty treat!

You’ll be able to add the ‘Regal Nutcracker’, ‘Rainbow Fairy’ and ‘Ballerina’ to your undoubtedly tasteful Fall Guys fashion collection, bringing a staggering performance to the Blunderdome stage. Bravo! Bellissimo!

More, more, more...

Of course, you’ll also find all manner of enhancements, with plenty of new ways to play and customize your experience...

  • Fall Feed - Keep a keen eye on pals and competitors alike with live in-game updates on every elimination and point scored!
  • New Shows - Wild ideas from the community and design team align in a slew of new Round playlists for you to tackle.
  • Costumes - Plenty of delightful new looks will be hitting the store, plus the much-requested return of Godzilla, Untitled Goose Game and Sonic costumes.
  • Bug fixes - Improvements ahoy! Smoother stumbles assured, with fixes to Freezy Peak, Hex-A-Gone and plenty more quality of life changes.

You can grab a deeper look at the new fixes in our Release Notes, piping hot, straight from the dev team!

We’re super excited to see how you fare with our latest mid-Season update and as always, you can join the conversation on our official Discord server and keep track of upcoming fixes and suggestions via our Public Issue Tracker. Plus, get your fill of spicy Fall Guys content on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok!

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