Living in Brighton

May 01, 2017

As a hub for creativity, talent, and the game dev community, Brighton was a natural pick for Mediatonic’s first studio expansion in 2009. Now based in Olivier House our office is one road from the waterfront, with both the beautiful Brighton beach and the iconic Brighton pier no more than five minutes walk away. Brighton is currently our engineering hub, home to the wonderful people keeping our games running, as well as a secondary base for the many London staff living in Brighton.

Our Brighton office has a self-described ‘bread-based culture’, with a studio-wide bagel feast every fortnight. One generous Tonic also brings in a fancy loaf every week for the team to try. With a much cosier studio than London, it’s easy to get everyone in on the fun. True to the city’s cool hipster culture, the whole studio hits Brighton’s independent coffee shops as often as possible, as well as the awesome street food available at the Friday market. In the evenings, there’s also regular game nights and pub outings for burgers.

Getting Around

Brighton is a small enough city that you can get pretty much anywhere you want to go on foot. Most MT Brightonians walk their commute–especially in the summer sun, Brighton is a gorgeous city with plenty of fun, kitschy side streets to wander down and lovely green spaces to enjoy. Plus the studio itself is at the bottom of the slope Brighton is built on, which means you’ll always be heading downhill in the mornings! If you’re heading further afield, there’s a bus system covering both Brighton & Hove, and the Brighton train station is right in the middle of the city on the main high street, just a short ten minute walk from the studio.

Favourite Sites & Apps

Brighton & Hove buses:

The official site and app for Brighton and Hove, where you can plan your journey and track live bus times.

Southern Rail:

Heading to London, or coming in from Gatwick? You’ll want to check out Southern rail, which covers all trains coming in and out of Brighton.

Settling Down

If you’re keen on a vibrant nightlife the city of Brighton is the place to be - the big student population and strong art and LGBTQ+ culture makes Brighton the perfect place to have a wild night out. If you prefer a quieter life, however, don’t despair! There’s plenty of smaller villages around the city with a more relaxed, family-friendly atmosphere that still maintain the Brighton culture of creative independent businesses and excellent food. Hove to the East has a reputation for great cuisine and is still on the coast, giving the gorgeous Brighton beachfront in a residential area. Preston is slightly further out than Hove, with a much slower lifestyle, featuring Preston Park where fairs, concerts and circuses are often held.

Favourite Sites & Links

Spareroom & Ideal Flatmate:

People-focused sites that are useful if you’re looking for a room in a residence. Get a sense of a person’s interests and personality before committing to a place with them!

Rightmove & Zoopla:

If you’ve got a bigger budget, these are reliable and easy to use sites that are great for finding a studio or apartment to yourself.

Life In Brighton

The culture in Brighton is full of independent eateries, up-and-coming art and music, and Britonians making the most of the sunshine and coastline. Be sure to have a wander down the North Lane–the nickname for the higgledy-piggledy mess of streets to the south-east of the train station, which are always bustling with food, drink, and excellent window-shopping. If you’re heading towards the studio you’ll likely run into the Royal Pavilion, whose impressive domes cut through the skyline and have become icons of the city. If you’ve got time to spare, stretch out on Brighton beach and take in the sun, or head down the pier to enjoy the arcade. Be sure to stop by the Brighton Marina, to enjoy not only the sight of the ships at the dock, but also some great shopping and cuisine while taking in the sea air.

For a moody coffee and some tasty snacks the office go-to is Twin Pines, while the current favourite lunchtime spot is vegan sushi burrito place Maki. Get some pints and beat some top scores at the Brighton Loading Bar, or grab some Tonics and head to the Hobgoblin pub for their new escape room. And definitely don’t miss the studio’s pick for best burritos in Brighton, La Choza.

What’s Going On?

Brighton Centre:

If you’re looking for classic comedy and music gigs, check out the Brighton Centre events page.

Brighton Dome:

The Dome art centre is where to go for more unknown artists and creative exhibitions.

Platf9rm & The Skiff:

Co-working spaces in Brighton & Hove that do regular industry-related meet-ups and events.

With a lively hipster city centre and a quiet residential outskirts, Brighton is a city for everyone. The inclusive and friendly culture fits our little studio perfectly, as does it’s major emphasis on food! Just across from the Brighton pier, we’re in exactly the right spot for beachy vibes and all the arts and culture this beautifully diverse city offers.

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