August 04, 2020

They duck. They weave. They shove, stumble and crash head-first onto PlayStation 4 and Steam today!

Yes, August 4th 2020 marks the hallowed date that the Fall Guys were unleashed unto the world, leaving only chaos, joy and a sleepless Senior Community Manager in their wake. We are beyond excited for you all to finally get your hands on this one, it’s going to be a-mazing.

If you missed out on the delightful carnage of the beta weekends and the Fortnite-busting Twitch streams (no, we’re not letting that go), let’s talk a little about what those pesky Fall Guys are all about.

Fall Guys throws hoards of hopeful contestants into an online world of stumbling, competitive mayhem. Throw the tension of a battle royale quest for glory into the obstacle-strewn madness of Takeshi’s Castle and you’re about halfway there. With a slew of devious, ultra-colourful fun-packed levels to compete in, Fall Guys is all about battling the laws of physics and losing your dignity to achieve victory. And with all sorts of super-stylish looks on offer, you can look damn good doing it, too. Run the trailer!

Remember, PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to dive head-first into Fall Guys for FREE at launch! Hype! Otherwise, you will be able to get your stumble on via the PlayStation Store or Steam, with the rather attractive option of our incredible Collector’s Edition crammed full of fantastical fashion. Go go go!

You can keep up with all the latest Fall Guys news (and memes) via our Twitter, as well as joining the conversation with our delightful Discord community. See you in the arena!

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